Metal Trim Fabrication


Our trim options offer you ways to give your project the professional look you desire. We offer custom trims that enable you to create your own one-of-a-kind trim for your project. Shown below are some of our most common profiles. Nearly any profile can be accomplished, please contact us for details.

Trim Placements


Common Trim Profiles

Trim comes in 10′ 3” lengths unless otherwise specified.

Corners t-corners

Denver Eave t-denvereave

F-J Trim t-fjtrim


Flat Sheet t-flatsheet

Inside Corner t-insidecorner

Dripedge t-dripedge


Facia t-facia

Rat Guard t-ratguard

Ridgecap t-ridgecap


J Channel t-jchannel

Drip Cap t-dripcap

Double Angle t-doubleangle


End Wall t-endwall

Facia Eave t-faciaeave

Overhead Door Trim t-overhead


Post Trim t-posttrim

Sidewall t-sidewall

Round Track Corner t-roundtrackcorner


Gambrel t-gambral

Valley t-valley

Residential Rake t-residentalrake